Lockout Tagout Devices lockouttech.com April 27 2023

Adjustable Cable Lockout

Adjustable Lockout Tagout (LOTO) System. No Tools Required! Light weight, durable, adjustable, and OSHA Compliant.

Stop dragging around heavy chains to lockout your equipment!

NEW Improved with X Tabs!

The Adjustable Cable Lockout System, by Lockout Tech is an adjustable cable system for Lockout / Tagout or LOTO that does not require heavy chains. The most efficient and cost effective solution for the lockout of a wide range of valve types and sizes, electrical panels, equipment, anything that requires a lockout tag out for OSHA compliance. The unique design of the Adjustable Cable Lockout , made of high impact UV resistant Polypropylene plastic, incorporates the features of the hasp, allowing up to six (6) individual operators the use of #3 padlocks to safely lockout their equipment without compromising company safety standards. Any operator can lockout a valve in THREE easy steps-

  1. Pull cable through equipment
  2. Insert cable from the side into the slotted groves of the base
  3. Tighten cover by hand

The Adjustable Cable Lockout is and All-In-One system designed for use in aggressive Upstream & Downstream environments. It is lightweight, extremely versatile, meets OSHA Lock Out Tag Out standards 1910.147, durable, UV resistant cable can withstand temperature ranges between -65oF and +160oF, and

                                      Made in the USA.

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