Cable Lockout System 6ft. Red - Cable Lockout Tagout Device

$ 25.95

Quick Overview

Red Cable Lockout System w/6ft. looped cable, Item # LOK-R-6, Made in USA, Adjustable Cable Lockout Device eliminates the need for a heavy chain and incorporates hasp features for SAFE Group Lockout/Tagout. The most efficient and cost effective solution for the isolation of a wide range of valve types and sizes and electrical panels.

HOW IT WORKS | Product Description

1. Pull cable through equipment

2. Insert cable from the side into the slotted grooves of the base 

3. Tighten cover by hand. 


  • LIGHTWEIGHT, easily carried by an operator when locking off numerous valves and electrical panels. 

  • DURABLE, made of high impact, UV resistant Polypropylene plastic with an imbedded stainless steel nut & bolt, highly resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and extreme temperature ranges between -65F and +185F.

  • ADJUSTABLE, THE CABLE LOCKOUT ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM comes with a flexible, looped 6 ft, PVC special coated, galvanized steel cable to lockout any side-by-side gate valves and electrical panels. 

  • OSHA COMPLIANT (1910.147), Incorporates the features of the hasp, allowing up to six (6) individual operators the use of six #3 Master Locks or color coded American Locks to have a safe Group Lockout/Tagout without compromising company safety standards.

· Red lockout color identifies the SAFETY lockout application.